Design and Gardening Services

We offer a host of services
designed to help you beautify your land.

Garden Design and Consultation (Click image for details)
Nature is our guide to successful Xeriscaping in Arizona. A varied garden will have several microclimates. Native shrubs and grasses, yuccas and boulders offer a refuge from the wind and sun where robust perennials will grow. We can also hike to identify native plants.

Land-Use Planning (Click image for details.)
Designs are printed on durable 24" vellum. We can preplan your construction footprint to reduce the impact of building. When siting your home consider orienting it to catch the Winter morning sun. We also create the plot plans needed for building permits.

Reforestation and Irrigation Plans (Click image for details)
We can help you verdify your land. We'll site your plantings and design an irrigation system to efficiently nurture the new trees. We offer planting and watering plans that guarantee the new forest will get a good start. We plant using xeric and organic techniques.